Sunday, 9 October 2016

Is This A Comeback?!

So I am back, once again. Who knows how long for whether it's a one off or the start of blogging again. For those who knew me and my blog, or maybe for new readers - here is a little about me.

I started blogging a long time ago, September 2013 to be precise. It became my life, not only a hobby but my work. Blogging had taken a back seat in my life anyways so then very early this year I decided to find full time employment. I knew I couldn't commit anymore so I packed it in. I needed to concentrate on my life, my family and myself - not my online version of me.

Ever since it is a decision I often regret. From time to time I have gotten the urge to write but I never do. But now I've given in because I just had to come back.

My life has changed, I've changed, everything has just changed. Of course it has had it's ups and downs.

Here's a few recents of my handsome little bundle of joy and I:

I'm now a year old older and thankfully a couple of stone lighter. Still a couple of stone to go if I can get my ass motivated which is probably unlikely. I'm still ill most of the time with some sort of cold, sickness or something. My immune system just majorly sucks. I now work in purchasing, school hours like right next to the school - perfecto! I am also the Chair of the School PTFA and let me tell you it is not blooming easy but so fun organising such big successful fundraising events. I may also own a pug, she's a nutter! But saved the best till last I am very much in love with an incredible guy.

My baby is now a big boy but still my baby none the less. He's almost six. I can't quite believe it myself to be honest. He may not even be six yet but this giant child of mine is wearing size nine clothes. Just stop growing already like seriously?!

So this is my first post in around nine months, I know terrible right. I don't even really know how to say what I want to say but really I just wanted to say hey again. So many fellow bloggers formed a wonderful little community that you can engage with on social media, they become your daily life, they become your friends. I miss that aspect more than the blogging itself. 

I wonder if I can still blog, if I have enough to say. What could I say, talk and blog about? My life is boring. Not worthy of writing about. You may have noticed I ramble on, I like to ramble. It's a way to let everything out. But I wonder if I can fully freely express myself and my feelings on this blog? Sometimes as a blogger we feel pressure on who in the world may be reading the blog. It's scary because you think you're writing mainly for strangers to read. That's how I first intended. Most of my friends don't know I blog and if they do, they certainly don't know how to find it. But you do not actually realise that someone closer to home, maybe a friend, one of the parents from the school playground, a loved one or even your worst enemy could in fact be reading your little world on the Internet, your blog. A blog is so open full of life details sharing the good and bad. I feel I need to be more careful of what I write about but I don't want too. I want to write about what I want when I want, even the bad at times as not every day is a good day. 

So who knows if I have it in me to blog anymore? Only time will tell.

I had so much trouble trying to publish this post, I was sure it was a sign I wasn't meant to blog but I had to just back up and restore onto a new blog. Not a proper domain yet but still looking the same thankfully. What an absolute palaver!

Some of you may have known that I founded the #mblogchat mummy bloggers community which is still a huge success thankfully to a team of awesome fellow bloggers who now run it. So be sure to check them chicks out over on the Twitter @mummy_bloggers.

But be sure to check me out on Twitter and Instagram both at @gems_snaps please :) I will try my bestest to be a social-able bunny again!

Anyways you'll probably be glad to know and be thankful as I know you will be bored by now that I have ran out of things to say so that's it from me - for now anyways!

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. So glad your back I think once you Blog you never go back. :p Look forward to seeing posts again x

  2. Welcome back. Blogging does have its hold on us, I hold back on some posts as I don't want family to read it. You have to write what you want to write,it's your space, your blog.
    Looking forward to reading more of what youve been up to an your thoughts

  3. Welcome back. Blogging does have its hold on us, I hold back on some posts as I don't want family to read it. You have to write what you want to write,it's your space, your blog.
    Looking forward to reading more of what youve been up to an your thoughts

  4. Welcome back Gemma. I was wondering where you'd disappeared to!!xx

  5. Aw you are just so lovely, you must not worry what others think. So pleased for you on your lovely news, new fella and pug. Your life sounds lovely and as long as you are happy that is the most important thing. Blog when you can. Your life is definitely not boring, your a mum. Being a mum is never boring just fun and full of lots of opportunities to be a big kid again. so lovely to see you back again lovely xx



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