Sunday, 9 April 2017

Another Comeback..

I know what you are all thinking - another comeback, is she really sticking around this time etc. I have all these thoughts and doubts in my mind too quite frankly.

It is a pretty scary thought commiting to blogging. I originally started back in 2013 and was really active until the end of 2015. But my life and my situation changed. I got to the point where I needed to focus on my real life rather than my online life. A struggle to balance between the two is hard to find and I think most bloggers face this difficulty at some point in their journey.

But my life has evolved since then. I have good friends, a good job and amazing partner plus of course not forgetting my pride and joy - Corey. I really couldn't be happier. Life is about to get a lot more exciting too - but watch out in upcoming posts for this news to be revealed ;)

I tried to make a comeback in October (view here) and I really wanted to make a go of it but I worry too much. I've never been the best writer, basically I suck. Not only do I suck but I am not creative, imaginative or able to think of good ideas to post about. My photographer skills are shockingly bad. I have the good camera but I can't get the gorgeous clean white back ground pretty looking photos share just so appealing. I envy all you talented people. It does make you feel down. Although blogging is a hobby for me, you can't help but compare yourself. Comparing to those who started at the same time, the bloggers you have made friendships with - etc etc. I can't always keep on top of social media either. Some days I forget, some days I am too lazy or too damn tired!

I don't even know if things like Klout, Bloglovin, Tots100 etc all still exist and are used just as much as they were. So out of the loop!!

But I just love to blog. I love to write my thoughts and feelings. Although I am a bit cautious of what I write because sometimes I would love to have a little rant when it comes to certain frustrating things but I know I can't. You sometimes have to take into consideration who is actually reading your blog after all. But the things I can write about well most things but I particularly love to write about a day out. Who doesn't love some family time hey?!

Of course I couldn't have a blog comeback without a little re-brand and stuff. I finally after months and months came up with a name I liked which as you can tell is from the header is...


I would just love to take a big thank you to Kip at Kip Hakes for sorting out my domain for me. I felt like an aboslute idiot failing miserably but Kip can to the rescue. All another big thank you for Shannon from Blog Boutique for the amazing very reasonable priced logos :)

I hope you like the re-branding please please please let me know your thoughts and any ideas you think to improve. Let me know what sort of posts you want as well :) If you used to read my blog you will know I blog about all sorts from family, lifestyle and beauty. It is all a mix but that is the way I like it!

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See you next time for the re-start of my blogging journey.

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  1. Welcome back!
    I am useless at taking photos and writing but, like yourself, I enjoy writing about our days out and the fun we have.
    Love the regarding and header x



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