Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Baby #2: First Trimester

I feel ashamed to say that I am a bit late posting this as today I am actually 15 weeks. If you didn't know this, then feel free to read my last post announcing here.

Be prepared for a long read as I do have 12 weeks to talk about - sorry in advance! But keep reading if you want to be nosey and find out the down low (the good and the bad!)...

Quite frankly I don't think I will do a weekly bump update. It is nothing at the moment. Well I can tell its growing but no one else will as pre-pregnancy I am just the size of a whale anyways with high BMI. If I think I were the size of a whale, what the hell am I going to be 30 odd weeks pregnant?! I dread to think. Besides my upset of the size of me already this early on, I am actually not that bothered as there is a freaking baby growing inside of me and how cool is that?!

This pregnancy is a big deal to me! Since Corey (now six!) over the years I have had three miscarriages. One of which was the December just gone. Prior to this each month I would be so disappointed when I came on. So after my miscarriage I didn't even think about it, I knew I wasnt going to be pregnant. January I was a few days late, which did upset me so when February came and I was few days late I didn't think much of it. I was not allowing myself to be upset again. But I wasn't feeling right. Then about 3.30am on Friday 10th I was up being sick - not like me at all. So I took a test, knowing there would be disappointment. Again, I wasn't really thinking much of it. But of course I was wrong. I was wrong!!! - I will never admit that again, but just this once I will ;)
I had a positive test. So I rushed into my partner who was clearly not interested at this time of the morning - asswipe!! But by morning the shock had got to him especially when I got another positive.

We both told our mums later that day although not thinking much of it at all. As period math would have dated me only being just under 5 weeks. I booked a midwife appointment anyways though I wanted reassurance that this pregnancy was going to be different. I needed to know that this pregnancy was going to last!!!!!

At around what should of been my 8 weeks scan I had a little glimpse at our little baby, Baby Blob. Being an internal scan - which I can never bare the thought of. They closed the curtain at first so my partner couldn't see. He could only hear. They said the words 'there is a heartbeat and everything looks good'. Then my partner was invited in to see. I honestly can not even explain as soon as he saw the screen, the biggest and most proud smile was on his face. I have never seen him like that before. I started to get tears in the moment, tears of happiness.

Baby Blob was only measuring around 7 weeks 5 days. Which was good. They were happy and I was looking all good too.


The second scan came around and of course this is the official dating scan. Baby Blob did not want to play ball at all this day. Cheeky little monkey already. But the sonographer did get to measure and I was now 13 weeks so baby grew a bit quicker in the second half of the first trimester. Baby were just showing their back though so I was told to go for a 20 minute walk and eat something sugary. But before this, she said I have a very large cyst. One I did not have a few weeks before but that is all she said, nothing else and sent me on my way for a walk. Panicking of course.

I returned and was seen again, lazy little bugger did not move at all still. I had to wiggle, shake and cough but still no. So we couldn't get to see their face at all. Which meant I could not be screened for Downs Syndrome and the other thing (forgotten what it is). I have a blood test tomorrow for this anyways. Already nervous about them results. But fingers crossed all ok on that end.

In the end as I got no answers at the hospital about this cyst I went to my GP about a week later as I was beyond worried. I didn't really understand the notes that were in my book about it, as was in jibber jabber secret language to me. All I could tell was that the size of the cyst was bigger than my 13 week old baby. Which had grew in the space of a matter of weeks. That sounds concerning to me. My GP reassured me they were not worried and will re-check at my 20 week scan unless I got stomach pains before this. Apparently cysts can come and go in pregnancy??!

I haven't felt the best in this trimester. I have had a fair bit of nausea, dizziness but mainly tiredness. How on earth can I sleep so much?! I do have chronic fatigue anyways so join this with pregnancy tiredness and I have been asleep before Corey most nights.

The most worrying thing for me is that at around 9 weeks I started to develop severe lower back/pelvis pain. It was extremely severe pain especially at night. Every time I turned over my hips would click as if they were dislocating or something and still do now. I walk around in the day limping as if I am some 50 year old who needed a hip replacement. The GP has said I may need physiotherapy for this with a condition that is called Pelvic Girdle Pain. She advised I can take paracetamol for the pain but it will likely get worse as my pregnancy goes on and bump gets bigger.

But now that the 12 weeks are over I am starting to feel a bit normal again. I really hope I don't feel bad the whole way through. I found out on my first midwife appointment that I will be on joint consultant care. Yet I am still to receive this? So will be mentioning this at my 16 week check up.The same thing happened with Corey and I never received the care then he came out premature. So yes I worry this time round too!

Also, who knew that from 12 weeks now if you are high risk you have to take Aspirin daily? Usually told to avoid like the plaque. Bit confused on this. But meant to help keep your blood pressure down during pregnancy or something like that.

Like I said we did tell our mums straight away when we found out and then gradually the rest of our families and couple of best friends. We weren't going too. We tried to keep it quiet until 12 weeks, we really did try. But failed! But that partner of mine has been just as bad as me. He couldn't keep quiet with all his excitement. Which is super sweet though!

I don't think work have been too impressed with my sick leave as we are short staffed but they also have been very good to me to make sure I am doing ok and not over doing it. Everyone at my work found out after my dating scan as my boss was trying to train someone up to cover my sick leave if I have any more. But he was a bit naughty and told the whole building. Was not quiet prepared for that one day when I walked in! But easier than me dropping it into conversation!

So all in all not too bad really and excited for my second trimester for more exciting baby bits to happen and hopefully starting buying some bits :) That's the best part of baby arrival surely? Or is that just me - the shopaholic?!


  1. Eek how exciting! That's good that work are being good :) I've heard of a lot of people having to take aspirin apparently it's meant to be really good for certain conditions x

  2. Congrats. Hope all goes well for you and bubba passes all their tests. That's a new one about the aspirin. So weird too as they don't recommend children under 16 have it (which is also why they aren't allowed adult bonjela) so really weird they are now giving it in pregnancy.

    I know a few people that have had PGP and wearing a special support band really helped.

    Looking forward to following your progress.

  3. How exciting, congratulations #mblogchat



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