Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Baby #2: Top 12 Newborn Essentials

After finding out I was pregnant a few months ago, the first thing I thought about was the massive excitement to buy all the essentials. I am only just in my second trimester and so far too early to start buying anything but I am really struggling to resist - like so badly struggling!!

For a very long time I have wanted to become pregnant again and always loved to read pregnancy blogs from all you lovelies. But I got major envy at the same time. Lushing over all the big bumps, cute babies and the lavish buys. I have been dreaming over certain things I have seen bloggers post about it, I added it to my wish list.

So here is my wish list of baby essentials - 

RRP £949

I know this is a crazy amount for a buggy especially as it doesn't even include the car seat etc. But isn't it just so pretty? I have dreamed about Bugaboo for a while and I just fell in love. It is so sturdy and easy to push, decent size seat and stylish. Well worth the amount!

RRP £199

Now I don't think car seats really matter on what one you get extra but I know Maxi-Cosi fit onto the Bugaboo if you purchase some specific adaptors. All these extra costs sure do add up. 

RRP £175

Well I personally think these are a must for the main driver of the baby. It was literally a god-send for me when my first Corey was born. It made it soooo much easier to get the seat in and out of the car saving all the faffing around with the seat belt putting round the seat etc. Just a click in and secure.

RRP £199.95

These are pricey. But I don't want a baby in the bed with me as I don't trust it or myself when I am asleep but each to their own on this. However, I love how this is right next to the bed and even has zips so doesn't have to be. Plus being stylish.

RRP £159

Such a good starter kit with everything in. A lot of the time like currently at the moment as I post this is on sale for £70 odd. They also do a really good breast feeding starter kit thing too! Which I may pick up as I want to try express.

RRP £249.99

Previous pregnancy with Corey I originally purchased just an ordinary monitor. But after Corey being premature and then at 6 weeks he stopped breathing - my mum then went and purchased an Angelcare movement & sound monitor. This one linked is the upgraded version and I will certainly be purchasing this to ease my worries of the same thing that happened to Corey. Plus great can hear and also see with the video bit.

RRP £129

I haven't totally decided on what sort of bouncer I would like yet as I haven't seen one I am really in love with. However, this Stokke Steps one is part of a highchair set they do. You can purchase the bits for them to grow up with. Like this bouncer can be sat on top of the highchair for feeding etc too. It's a really cool idea.

RRP £1.049

Now you really do not need a 5 piece set at all. The essentials are the cot, wardrobe and changing table. I have included this one in particular as it was the one I used for Corey which luckily enough I still own and am now able to use for baby #2.

RRP £24.99

I didn't want anything too big and bulky. This is a basic little bath support and the coloured bit is soft touch. It feels comfy enough for a baby and will be nice for them to sit in the bath.

RRP £120

Ok ok ok, this is not an essential at all but I think it can either be slot into the moses basket, snuzpod, cot or used on it's own. It snuggles them up, stops them from wiggling about and just looks so cosy!!

RRP £25

These are life savers for aching arms when feeding a baby especially if they are long feeders. But I also found it was a great support after my c-section Another great use is to support a baby trying to sit up too as they won't be able to fall either side.

RRP £150

Previously I have had Pink Lining and Nova Harley (review here). But this time round I just can't decide. I don't really want one with fancy patterns etc, then the Bugaboo ones look way too small for everything you need. Then I saw this bag where Bugaboo and Storksak joint to create this beauty. It looks great, right up my street for what I want. Price tag is expensive but so are all changing bags these days.


What do you think of my wish list? Do you have any other recommendations??
Do you have anything on your own baby list? :)


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