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Tips For Flying Whilst Pregnant

For the last week I have been on holiday in Fuerteventura with my family. I went a couple of years ago which you can read here. But this time I was 21 weeks pregnant. 

Having a holiday whilst pregnant used to be so frowned upon back in the day when I was little. Even when I had Corey in 2010 it was so uncommon as there was rules like only in second trimester and all this crap. Now it is completely different. The even say you should have a 'Babymoon' !

Tips For Flying Whilst Pregnant

You do still have to be careful though about flying and on holiday as there is more risks for your health well not just your health but that little baby in our bump too. I was really intrigued as I was about nervous about flying or something going wrong whilst on holiday. There is a few things you could do:


This is probably one of the most important things you have to do. Every pregnancy is different but it depends on your history and your health whether they say you can fly or not. Sometimes depending on your airline (see next) they make require a safe to fly letter from your doctor too.

Each airline is different, from what I have found most seem to be OK with flying under 28 weeks but after this it is more risky. Some require safe to fly letters from your doctor and some don't.

It is best to be safe than sorry isn't it? Travel insurance can be very cheap and sometimes not so much. But it is best to have it just encase no matter the cost. Be sure to tell them of any pre-existing health issues, because if you don't and fall ill from it they sometimes won't pay out.
For example - my boss had on her file from 20+ years ago she had breathing difficultly after an operation from her son which she does not remember. She went to Dubai, unfortunately caught Pneumonia and they almost didn't pay her insurance to cover costs because of this reason.

You may not be on any but you may be on some. I have to take aspirin since I was 12 weeks pregnant. I wouldn't be allowed to take this in my hand luggage but luckily I have just got some extra luggage. But you still have to be careful. You really need to check with airlines what you can take in which luggage and whether you need once again a doctors letter.

Find out where the local hospital is. Make sure it isn't a private one as travel insurances will not want to pay for this and will say your own fault. If you're staying in a hotel, see if they have a doctor on call etc. Also, make sure you have the emergency contact numbers too e.g. like their equivalent to our 999.


Despite being so unattractive, it really would be worth picking up a pair of flight socks. I think I will be wearing a maxi dress to hide as much as possible!! This was recommended by my consultant. Be careful to get the right size, you don't want some too tight or too loose. I have quite big calves so 'one size' for all wouldn't do, I would have to find some large ones.

When you can you need to get up and about to walk, also if you can afford too book the seats with the extra leg room. I won't be so aisle seat for me but I will be in a row with Corey and my mum, so luckily I can stretch out onto his leg room a bit too. My consultant told me to look on YouTube for leg stretches and stuff too.

Drink plenty of water.

It seems silly but get travel sickness bands or tablets if you can. Make sure safe for pregnancy. You may be used to sickness if get it during pregnancy but it isn't nice and certainly not on a plane. Doctors can prescribe tablets but I found travel sickness bands worked. They used a pressure point on your wrist or something like that anyways. 

Luckily a lot of food on the planes are well known brands like Pringles etc. But then again doesn't mean it can be trusted. Just be careful what you choose if anything especially heated food as it can upset your tummy or make you sick and not something you want on a flight.


Drink plenty of water. Little bits often are a good way to stay hydrated. 

Stay in the shade as much as possible. Skin changes during pregnancy and this may mean your skin is more sensitive. But also remember you can get sunburnt on cloudy days or in the shade still. Apply suncream reguarly. Consider wearing a t-shirt in the pool to cover yourself more too.

Obviously wear whatever you like and feel comfortable in. But loose clothing is a gooden, something that won't hurt belly and if super hot make sure it is thin clothing. You don't want to get over heated.

Similar to the encase of emergencies in my before travelling section above. Know where the local hospital is to where you are staying. Find out and remember the emergency number. Make sure not a private one too as insurances do not usually cover this but do check your specific policy. If you're in a hotel then see if they have an on-call doctor just encase. 

I know this seems like a hassle but seriously it could be so helpful encase of an emergency. It is just a back up so that if anything happens there is a record of your pregnancy history for doctors or nurses to be able to read and get an idea on what could be going on.


I thankfully did have an amazing and relaxing holiday with no troubles which was such a relief as I was really panicking leading up to my holiday. 

Do you have any other tips or advice for others? Please let me know in comments as we can never be too prepared!!
Most of all if you are going on holiday whilst pregnant or not - have an amazing time :):)

These are just my tips that I have found out, these are not to go by and does not mean that if you follow all of these that everything will be ok. Unfortunately shit happens and our babies like to keep us on our toes. So please please please speak to your doctor before flying and wish you all the best time if you do go away. 

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