Friday, 7 July 2017

A Mini Haul - Bit Of Retail Therapy

I'm not really one for doing little mini haul posts but I am signed off work at the moment and quite frankly needed some retail therapy to cheer myself up a bit and keep myself busy.

I decided to head over to Milton Keynes shopping centre - on my own!!! This is a super big deal. I am not one to enjoy going anywhere alone quite frankly. Corey was at school, everyone else at work and mum in London. So I really didn't have much of a choice. I thought it would be good for me though. I am really struggling with SPD in my pregnancy so walking is hard especially for any length of time. But being on my own meant I could take my time walking, not feel rushed and take a break whenever needed.

So let's just get straight into it with pictures..

Firstly I headed to the big ASDA superstore. This is the nearest one to me even though half hour away but so so so worth it. I have a big obsession with them. All of my maternity wear so far has come from them and their children, baby, toy and home ranges are just amazing. I always spend way too much. I originally had to go to drop off a Yours Clothing order at a collection point as I ordered stuff that didn't fit. But of course I had a look around.

So firstly in ASDA picked up these super cute dinosaur sleepsuits and bodysuits. Corey is a huge dinosaur fan and I know he will love these for his little brother. The Dinosaur Sleepsuits came in a pack of 3 for £7 and the Dinosaur Bodysuits in a pack of 7 for £7.50. I literally love their prices!!! But no matter what shop I go too for baby clothes it really bothers me you can get packs of more bodysuits than sleepsuits especially when can get matching like this. Why not just do packs of 7 for everything? Then I have a whole outfit sorted - that matches. I like to match!!!

To carry on with the ASDA baby theme I also picked up this Faux Fur Cuddle Robe for only £10. It is sooooo soft!!!!!! :) Can't wait to wrap little man up in the winter months for cuddles. Then I found this Monkey Rattle & Snuggler Set. Now really bump didn't need another cuddly but for just a small £5 you can't really go wrong. It really would make the perfect gift for someone expecting or a newborn. It is going to match my buggy so well which is where the monkey will live when bump arrives.

Onto another shop which I love mainly for their children, baby and home range. You guessed it - Next - my little slice of heaven. I have wanted this Best Little Brother sleepsuit for some while now. I love outer space and anything that has to do with it. Costing just £8 not too bad at all. It is super cute and I just have a thing about buying stuff that says brother as I am just so excited that Corey finally gets a sibling!!! I also picked up this Hugs For Mummy sleepsuit costing £7. They have a whole range for this from a daddy one, bits and hats to match. I would have picked them up too as have been lusting for so long but the store didn't stock them which I was gutted about. Although saved my bank balance a bit for now!

Carrying on with the Next theme. I picked up this little Four Leaf Clover frame. It really is stunning for £6 and a great gift to give to a friend. However, I have got this for myself and I know that sounds very selfish. But listen, I need to somehow turn this into a DIY project and tear it apart. Essentially I just want the pressed clover bit.

Clover's are something that mean a huge deal to me. To be honest I don't even really know how it started but when Corey was premature and almost passed away at one point - a clover was tattooed onto me next to his name. Ever since then, it is just a symbol that brings so many memories and I guess luck to me.

Which then onto my favourite item of today from the beautiful and my favourite jewellers of Thomas Sabo. They recently launched a new 'Little Secrets' range which has some stunning stuff. But I was drawn to a little bracelet costing just £29. This Cloverleaf bracelet as they call it in a lovely khaki coloured cord material. I treated myself as a bit of an early birthday present!

Earlier on in this post I mentioned how I had to return some Yours Clothing bits as they didn't fit. This was from their exclusive online maternity range. Being plus size anyways finding maternity clothes big enough is quite hard. So I decided to pop into their store and try some of their clothes but in a larger size. I picked up a basic Black Swing Cami Top for just £12.99. It is very long though so I am not sure how much wear I will get out of it but if not my mum sure will. I also picked up this Black - Embroidered Shoulder T-Shirt for £19.99. My picture doesn't do it justice but I am not confident enough to do a little fashion shoot to show you what it is like on. Apologies! Check it out here though. I'm not usually one for a t-shirt but it looked better on than I thought it would for a change. I got a size up for a little bit baggier and room for bump to grow.


So there you have it a little haul from my retail therapy session. Which did help a bit. I am really surprised however that I didn't purchase any make-up. It was sooo tempting but I really would of broke the bank balance way more than I already shouldn't have. I was gutted I didn't pick anything up for Corey though but there wasn't anything he would have liked and he has been spoilt a fair bit recently by my mum anyways so I shouldn't really feel bad but I did.

What do you do to cheer yourself up? :) If retail therapy like me, what sort do you tend to head for? Home, children, clothes, beauty etc etc.

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  1. Love the look of the little brother sleepsuit so cute



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