Sunday, 13 August 2017

Baby #2 - 4D Scan

This is probably my last pregnancy and have decided to do all things from 4D scan, maternity shoot and even a baby shower. None of which I done when pregnant with Corey 7 years ago. Didn't really bother me back then as they just weren't really a thing but now as you may know are absolutely huge.

In my opinion I think 4D scans look a bit freaky and I have a feeling I am not the only one who thinks so too. However, I really wanted Corey to come along to a scan to see his little brother as children aren't allowed at my local hospital. My mum even came along with us this time as she has never been to a scan of mine with Corey and this bump so far.

I headed over to Humpty Bumpty near Milton Keynes, where I had my early gender scan which you can see here. If you are local to the area then I really highly recommend them. It is a beautiful place - very calm, relaxing and extremely friendly staff. They even have a play area in the scan room for younger children who may get bored as well as a big sofa for the family who come along!

Despite Corey being a right pain in the bum and just talking non-stop getting on my nerves. As well as a baby who at first didn't want to play ball. It was really good in the end!

I had a normal growth scan at the hospital only a few days before this 4D scan which revealed I am growing a chubby giant this time round. All I can say is that I am a bit glad I won't be having a natural birth.

We did get a lot of pictures from the scan on a USB but I have decided to just share my favourite three. So have a look and then find out why I love each one..

In this little beauty is a lovely little smile from my boy. This moment was truly magical when on the big screen as Corey was just so over the moon with excitement to see his little brother smiling. 

I mentioned above that he is a giant right? Well the whole time he had this gigantic foot of his kicking himself in the face. Not sure whether to be worried or proud that he is that flexible?!

The sonographer pointed out how you can tell he is a little chub by the indents under his eyes which show he has chubby cheeks. This picture really shows that chubbiness! 

Although I wasn't a fan of these 4D scans to start off with. After having one I am totally in love. It was truly amazing and to share this moment with Corey and my mum made it even better. To see the little human that is growing inside my bump. To see the little smile, chubby cheeks and big foot. Just makes me all the more excited to meet this little bundle of join very soon.

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant then I highly recommend you get booking in for one of these 4D scans even if like me you did think were a little freaky. You will soon change your mind!

I would love to know what your opinion on 4D scans are?!


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