Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Wagamama Restaurant Review - Bedford #AD

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Recently I was lucky enough to be invited along for my first ever visit to Wagamama's! We have just had a new one open recently in our town - where a new complex that has opened up full of nice restaurants, cinema and posh apartments right along our river.

Being totally honest with you, I have always wanted to try Wagamama's but I am not the most adventurous when it comes to food and I wasn't sure whether I would like their menu or not. I didn't go by myself obviously - my brother, mum and Corey attended too. Corey obviously being as fussy as me but my mum and brother do like different cuisines and were excited to try!

Our local Wagamama's was the new Bedford one. It had only been open for 10 days when we went along. On a Sunday evening at 5pm - it was absolutely heaving. However, was some issues with the menu - the two things I thought I may have liked from the sides had sadly run out. Plus they had run out of Coke!!! But despite that, all the staff looked rushed off their feet but were very friendly and took the time to actually have a conversation and acknowledge you. It didn't feel rushed like sometimes restaurants can make you feel.

I was warned before we went that food wise you order what you want and then it comes out as and when ready. I completely understand that this is the way it is and most people will be ok with it. But personally for a family I don't think ideal. Luckily, Corey's did come first because he takes a long time to eat. My mum and brothers side then came, then my main, then theirs and then my side came basically by time rest of us had finished it all. A bit odd and just makes it difficult to know what to eat. I guess I am quite traditional in the sense I like a starter, break then main! But nothing wrong with the way Wagamama's do it, just not something I am used too.

Anyways, here is a fair few pictures of our yummy food.. (although apologies the lighting was very poor!)

Top To Bottom: Children's Katsu Curry, Ebi Katsu, Edamame with Salt, Tori Kara Age, Katsu Curry, Teriyaki Lamb, Steak Bulgogi and finally Pink Guava/Passion Fruit Sorbet.

ALL of the food was sooo yummy. I can not even explain how nice. I wouldn't of been brave enough to try much else besides the Katsu Curry which I was recommended by many as it is the plainest thing on the menu to be honest. Corey had the children's version and I was really impressed with how it came with the sauce separate which saved some moaning. He was pleasantly surprised with how yummy it all was. My mum and brother loved their choices too. The Edamame with Salt (pea looking beans in a pod things) were loved by everyone besides me. A very big bowl that was shared around the lot of them. I really wanted Duck Pancake Rolls or then Pork Ribs but both had sold out. Was quite gutted! I was recommended the Tori Kara Age by the waitress - it was odd like texture I guess but was nice tasting. Would of preferred my Duck Pancake Rolls though.

But the winner of the show is Pink Guava/Passion Fruit Sorbet. I wasn't the only one who had pudding but only one I got a picture of. I literally wish Wagamama's could just send me a pot of this stuff for my freezer. One way to please my pregnancy cravings is anything cold. Ice lollies have been my choice at home and I am a huge fan of sorbet usually anyways but this was whole new level of amazingness!!!!!! My mouth is just getting watery wishing for it now as I think about how yummy it was. Oh I so want to go back again now. 

So yeah over all I really lovely evening with family, great food, lovely service and one very pleased pregnant lady!! :) Really pleasantly surprised I actually enjoyed the food. So besides the downfall of view teething problems of running out of stuff and the odd way of serving was really a good visit and will be going again. 

I did share a picture over on Instagram (here) the night we attended, a lot of people were saying they wish they tried or should give a second chance. Well I certainly recommend you head on over to your local Wagamama's now even if usually a plain Jane like me!! :) 


  1. Oh this all looks absolutely delicious! I keep meaning to try it here especially as I have heard they are very good with children. I must give it a go! x

  2. It always makes me giggle that Wagamama manage to make bad service 'a thing' but I let them off because it's so tasty.

  3. yum - we love wagamamas! Though we don't have one closely to us so its a rare treat :)

  4. Glad you liked it. We love Wagamamas. It's the type of place that you wouldn't think to take family but it's very child friendly x

  5. I have been to Wagamama only once. It was delicious and I would definitely go ahead. The closest one we have is 25 minutes away.



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