Sunday, 3 September 2017

Baby Shower :)

So today I had a baby shower!! :) I never had one with Corey and quite frankly umm'ed and ahh'ed whether to have one this time round. But I would of kicked myself if I didn't so I did. At 34 weeks to be honest I was worried I wouldn't even make it this far in pregnancy but I have!

I didn't hire a hall or anything fancy, my nans house was big enough for us all. Just under 20 adults, big brother to be Corey and a couple of babies! We played games - pin the dummy, dummy pinata, baby bingo and sniff the nappy. Had some yummy buffet food and the most amazing cake!

I am so glad I went ahead and had this day. Things pregnancy wise and life wise haven't been easy lately and I really had been looking forward to this day and it was exactly a little pick me up I needed to help me get excited for the hectic journey of single mum of two that I am about to embark on.

For some reason I took some pictures of everything all set up but didn't actually take any during! But nevermind, have a little nosey anyways..

I absolutely adore the little baby shower winner medals - they are just so adorable. I did some little good bags with a baby bottle full of sweets, a scented candle, a little keepsake and a footprint bracelet. Had prediction cards for everyone to write their guesses and advice. Plus as you can see I got a massive beautiful bunch of gifts which I haven't even sat down to look at yet but baby has been well and truly spoilt.

So there you have it. If you have never been to a baby shower or never had one. Maybe you are due or thinking of trying for another. I seriously urge you to have a baby shower, enjoy your day & celebrate ahead of babies arrival :)


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